Tuesday, August 9, 2011


ha, kali ni aku jz nk tulis mende ni...saje je tmbah2 ilmu..hehe..

p replace loss coagulation factor in adult:

6 units of cryoprecipitate given over 10-2- minutes
4 units of platelets given over 1 hour
2 units of fresh frozen plasma

to replace coagulation factor loss in paeds:

1 units/5 kg bpdy weight of cryoprecipitate given over 10-20 minutes
4 units or 10-20 ml.kg plateletes given over 1 hour
10-20 ml.kg fresh frozen plasma

in obstructive jaundice:

IV/IM vitamin K 10 mg for 3 days (IV to be given over 10-15 minutes) in adult

IV/IM vitamin K 0.2-0.5 mg/kg in paeds

in liver cirrhosis:

DDAVP (desmopressin) be given with dose of 0.3 mcg/kg

Vitamin K with the dose of 0.5mg was gine IM and stat in newborn baby to prevent hemorrhagic disease

warfarin is vitamin K antagonist, and it can reduce coagulating factor 2, 7,9 10

Heparin can increase antothrombin activity by 1000 fold

patient bleed due to warfarin and heparin can be corrected by given cryisupernatant or FFP

patient who recieve vitamin K only can be given warfarin 1 week after the dose of vitamin K

patient who recieve protamine sulphate pnly can be given heparin 3-5 days after recieve protamine sulphate

okay, ckp pasal aspirin plak kay....aspirin digunakan untk mencairkan darah dan xde aggregation ngan collagen dan 2ndary aggregation ngan ADP...aspirion effects with platelets last for 1 week...any invasive surgery por patient who on aspirin must b done 1 week after aspirin is stopped

smpai sini je kot aku mngarut tg ni..nk g solat n g bazar plak..hehe..

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